My Organic Story

FullSizeRender (2)Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am a mother of two young girls ages 6 and 5. In my first 27 years of life I was an avid user of over the counter products to heal my body as well as my mind. I didn’t correlate my health issues being triggered by many of the chemicals used in commercial products and foods. I was making smart decisions, based on my limited knowledge, by eating healthy foods and exercising daily.  I was still tired and approaching most days with a headache. In 2005 I learned my smart decisions were actually uneducated choices.

First Introduction to the Oil World – 2005

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Chron’s Disease in 2005. After what I thought would be a quick emergency room visit, I was hospitalized for 4 days upon admission. My Doctor prescribed a round of steroids and other medication which induced flu like symptoms. Anyone who has Chron’s knows the symptoms of Chron’s are bad enough, now add the constant feeling of nausea and vomiting. I survived those medications for about a week and then stopped them cold turkey against medical advice. My rationalization came from the undesirable thought of living like this for another 50 years, if I survive that long. What a morbid thought. I was introduced to a local homeopath in 2005 who used Young Living oils. At her direction I changed my diet. I removed processed food and started to “eat clean”, which is slang for consuming whole foods. I was never a “bad” eater, I was just an uneducated consumer. I ate too many meat and grains and not enough organic vegetables and protein. The limited vegetables and fruits I was eating were not organic. Actually, everything I consumed was non organic. When she told me to cut back on meat and grain I was skeptical. I thought other than meat and grains, what is there to eat. Today I am grateful I had an open mind to a new way of living.  I signed up to be a wholesale member of Young Living. I was feeling better but I was unsuccessful in my oil life because I didn’t have enough knowledge of the products.  I didn’t join under a very strong organization of distributors. I was on my own to figure out most of the ways to utilize the oils and honestly I was quickly frustrated and discouraged. I stepped away from Young Living and sought out a different path.

10 Years Later

Fast forward 10 years later and I am Chrons free. While this is incredible, other health issues have arisen. Over the last few years I have struggled with other auto-immune issues. I decided to give Young Living oils a second try. I did my research online and read many distributor’s blogs and websites. I am pleased to say I am now a member of a strong team of distributors. I have a plethora of product information at my fingertips from people who have the same health goals as I have for myself and my family. I am amazed at the versatility of Young Living oils. The possibilities are endless.

Grain Free Living

In 2006 I started cooking my meals from scratch and in 2012 I stopped purchasing grains and most dairy products. My blog posts will expand on this topic. As a brief introduction, my husband introduced me to Dr. Davis’s Wheat Belly program. My husband was lucky enough to be a client of his for a few years. I purchased his cookbooks as well as his book, “Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight”. Like most people learning to cook, the food ends up turning out very bland and lifeless. I started educating myself on different spices and cooking oils to jazz up my dishes so my family would try to smile during dinner. Amazingly, the price of different quality spices is outrageous. Sure we can buy a generic version of cumin but where is it being sourced from? Is it full of pesticides? Am I unknowingly feeding my child chemicals and toxins? This thought pushed me into the organic section of spices.  The price for a jar of spice was almost double. Wanting the best for my family, I purchased these spices and continued on my cooking journey. My justification being, why take the time to cook these grain free recipes if I’m not using organic spices and ingredients. I often pondered, there has to be another way to bring healthful solutions into my home at an affordable cost.

Chemical Free Home Life

In 2014 I started educating myself on the damaging health effects of using chemicals in our homes. I have read many posts claiming when chemicals have been removed from their living environment; their sinus problems and other auto-immune disorders lessened if not disappeared completely. I started using a microfiber solution with built in antibacterial fibers which allowed disinfecting without chemicals. While I love my microfiber sometimes it just isn’t enough. This is where Young Living products come into play. Young Living oils complete the chemical free puzzle I have been awaiting. Young Living does not claim to cure or heal any diseases, but removing toxins from the body and environment definitely help. Oils allow us to do just that. Learn more at Young

My Clean Life Today

In the short time I have been a Distributor of Young Living I have incorporated oils in my home to clean, launder, nourish my body, and comfort my husband and children. I have so many more stories and experiences to share so please read my blog and join me in changing the world one oily family at a time! Read More

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